How To Go About Any Dried Food Recipe

When taking that camping vacation or road trip people always worry about a cheaper, convenient ways to carry food. This is where dried food recipe may come in handy. Drying food is one of the oldest way of storing food but it is still as convenient and cost effective centuries down the line. The food can also stay for months and still have the same great taste. This is because when the water is removed during dehydration the sweetness becomes concentrated. Furthermore, there is no additional preservatives required for this process meaning no worries about chemical related complications. It is further merited because after dehydration the volume of the food reduces considerably occupying up to a third its original space. This makes it convenient for campers as the bulk of their luggage reduces significantly.

To dehydrate these foods a person can use a dehydrator. However, a dehydrator is not a common kitchen appliance. So one may choose to use an oven as an alternative. For greasy foods it is imperative to rinse them first before drying them. This prevents them from becoming stale quickly as too much oil hastens rotting. Also find out the amount of heat required to dry different foods as some may require higher temperatures when compared to softer ones. Alternatively, supermarkets also provide a variety of dried foods and this may be easier for those who do not prefer cooking. These variety ranges from sun dried tomatoes, dried chili mix, dehydrated tortellini, dried fruits to peas which can be used for any dried food recipe.

Generally when drying food at home one follows the following procedure. First, is cutting the vegetable, fruit of any larger food into small pieces. This ensures that they will dehydrate faster and easily. Next, the food is cooked as a person normally cooks except for fruits. Prior to the dehydration process keep the dehydrator or oven at a temperature of about 1450F for about 10 minutes. The cooked food should then be evenly on the tray in the thinnest layer possible. It is also important to check constantly and turn them for a faster drying. Look at this website, right now, to learn more about it!|

As aforementioned the preparation time is different for different kinds of foods. This difference may be as a result of the dehydrator being used. Denser foods with a higher moisture or fat content are also likely to take a longer time. When all the water dries up and the meal becomes flaky it is good to go. It is important to let the food to cool at least to the room temperature before packaging them. After packaging in a clean plastic bag store in a cool dry place. If refrigerated the food can last a good 2 years or more if in a freezer. When on a camping trip the food can be prepared simply by pouring the food in a pot with just enough water. Then boil, stir and serve.

Dried food is not necessarily for hikers and campers. One can enjoy these meals at home with a tasty dried food recipe at home. These recipes may include a wide range of dried foods from dried meat, dehydrated vegetables or dried fruits. When combined with other ingredients the outcome can be just delectable.

Posted By Dennis E. Baker