Legacy Premium Food Storage Company - What Makes It Stand Out In Its Industry?

Did you know that freeze-dried or dehydrated food could last for twenty-five years? Although it sounds impossible that is what Legacy Food Storage is offering. The company, Legacy Premium Food Storage, was launched in October 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even though it is a young company, Legacy Premium’s owners are so experienced in the food storage field. Furthermore their main manufacturing and business partner, who was very helpful in forming Legacy Premium, has actively produced packed foodstuffs for more than two decades. Moreover their lead manufacturing partner has worked with the famous Bear Creek brand in the past. Their wide range of products can be bought from their sub-brands: BuyEmergencyFoods.com and PrepareWise.

Food Safety
Legacy Premium Food Storage offer meticulously tested food and casings. They claim to send their products to universities and laboratories for stress and pressure testing, examination of residual oxygen levels and other things. That is why the company could confidently say that its freeze-dried and dehydrated food can stay in a good condition for twenty-five years. Another strong point on food safety is that Legacy Premium is the only company that offers one hundred percent endorsed GMO (Genetically modified organisms) free foodstuff.
As you know, GMO grown groceries have raised concern across the world and they are unsafe for human consumption. Legacy Food Storage uses GMO-free ingredients when preparing every food recipe. Too much sodium is harmful to your health. Again the company puts your health first when designing low sodium content (up to fifty percent less sodium) products. Their food lack ingredients such as man-made flavors, caramel food color and hydrogenated oils among other related stuff. You will only get healthy and harmless food for your family.

Food storage advice
Legacy Premium’s focus on calories per day rather servings per day when marketing its food set it apart from its competition. So they ask you to decide how much your family eats per day in terms of calories. Based on your figure, you can then calculate how many calories your family would need per month, six months and one year and so on. Other companies sell in servings and a single serving containing 220 calories may not even sustain a kid per day.

When you need freeze-dried or dehydrated food
Legacy Food Storage has a huge market among outdoor adventurers, backpackers and campers. Also their food can be bought in bulk for unforeseen emergency situations. This food is already cooked and it can be prepared quickly for an urgent meal.

Food handling tips
Because their food is stored in plastic buckets that can be re-sealed after use, customers could grab a few pouches, depending on their calorie needs, and close the bucket lid for later use. Only one and half cups of boiling water are needed to prepare a single serving and six cups per pouch. Simply read food preparation instructions shown on the pouch label. The shelf life of a Legacy Food Storage product will reduce when mixed with water unless you keep it in the refrigerator. Cold and dry storage conditions will improve the shelf life of your food.

Posted By Dennis E. Baker